Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management


The BAS in Business Management degree program is designed to prepare students for leadership roles and management positions within a variety of businesses and industries.  Students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree or an Associate of Applied Technology (AAT) degree will have the opportunity to continue their education and prepare for advancement opportunities within their business field.  The curriculum includes courses that will provide a solid understanding of organizational leadership and management practices designed to aid and develop the potential of our graduates to be successful leaders in their business environment. General education course credits as well as technical/occupational course credits from an AAS or AAT degree can be transferred (upon review) towards 365bet’s BAS degree requirements. Students enrolling in this degree program must have a business related management AAS or AAT degree.

*** Courses are available online or in a traditional classroom setting. NOTE: All students accepted into 365bet’s BAS degree programs also have the option to complete coursework online. ***


  • 领导 and management skills needed for communicating and leading organizational change.
  • 批判性思维, 解决问题, and decision-making skills to develop and manage a project plan centered on solving a business problem.
  • Strategic management concepts to compose and present a formal business report relating to achieving measureable business goals and objectives.

The BAS in Business Management curriculum includes courses in the following:

  • Organizational Development
  • 管理会计
  • 财务管理
  • 领导
  • 运营管理
  • 质量管理
  • Management Information Systems
  • 市场营销
  • 项目管理
  • 战略管理

Students may select two electives in the following areas:

  • 供应链管理
  • 物流
  • 国际业务
  • 团队管理
  • The final capstone course allows students to apply their knowledge in a real world management project.



The BAS in Business Management provides students with a broader knowledge of applied business practices and prepares them for advancement within their business field or to start their own business.  Graduates will be prepared to seek career opportunities in middle-management and upper-management within their respective business field. 

BAS in Business Management Degree Requirements

Program Cost for Degree:

One of 365bet's goals is to offer the highest quality college education at some of the most affordable tuition rates.  We have also extended that goal to our bachelor of applied science degrees. To understand our tuition rates, please visit the 学费 and 费用 Basics Page 在我们的网站上. Keep in mind that total costs for the program will depend not only on tuition rates, but the amount of quarter hours students must take in order to complete the degree.  This will include courses both in the core and in the major.

Degree Program Coordinator and Bachelor of Applied Science Degree Programs Division Chair:

Tianna Marynell,

365bet-TV: Evan Haslund is 365bet's first online BAS Graduate


365bet-TV: Evan Haslund is 365bet's first online BAS Graduate

Evan Haslund is 365bet官网's first online BAS Graduate. He received his degree in Business Management while owning his own cleaning business in 华纳罗宾斯.